14 August 2010

evrytime i close ma eyes,
i see my name in shining light..
yea,,haha,,mood : singing..
yaww!! whtz upp readers..haha,,aslm'kum..
da lme la seyh aq ta post smethng at blog aq nh..
wndu rcenye..kih3!!well,alhamdulillah..
aq chat,as usual..cme,mce trial uh,ley lak aq dmam..
n got flu n cough..
huh,,a lttle bit can't focus on ma exam..
adeyh,da la time uh paper bm..
n wif ma same prblem,evryday..
ma prblem wif *h****..
adess,,cne nh..should i tell him about the truth??
puzzle now~urm,,evrytme aq da dcided na tell him the truth about ma feeling after pmr,
he must do smthng dat can i feel guilty..
t dy ckp yg dy tkot khilgn aq larh..adoyai!! jht kew ha aq ble aq wt dy dssappointed nt..
urm,pnt la seyh na fkir pcl mnde nh..
ta twu arh npe,i jz can't lurf or like him same as bfore..
same like we had cple bfore..kdg2 aq rce cm pe da..
rce brsalah ade,rce cm na lri dri sume nh pon ade..
but,as mieza said..one day,this prblem will be sttle gk..
n i trust her,.n now,bfore pmr..
i hve to dcide wther i should tell him the truth or not!!
to azam,plz don't tell him about dis keyh..thnkz,,.

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