18 July 2010

one is btter than two rite??

urm,,tol kew lw aq ckp one is more btter than two??
in ma opinion,it's true..
coz,,ntah la..
aq ade sme 1,
tp aq rce cm aq sowg jeq plak..
npe ntah aq rce cm nh??
or,,mybe it jz ma feeling..
hurm,,there is no point larh,
lw aq ade sme 1,tp aq rce cm aq kseuwngn..
it's btter if i'm jz alone jeq..
arghhhh!! whtever larh..
pnt jeq fkir pcl bnde nh..
so,lbey bek ta yah fkir arn..
n why arh dy ta abz2 na cte pcl pmpuan len dpn aq..
when i started to angry..
dy mle ar ckp,,"suwie,aq ta sngaje larh"
n etc. larh..
if he really wnt to find anther gurlz,,
jz go keyh!!
aq pon cm da mlz jeq na ade cmmtment wif any guy..
let him larh,,

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