24 September 2010


hehe~i'm so nervous!!
because of what??
because of ma pmr examination just around the corner..
(wow!! i can use proverbs now,like teacher hidayah's idea to use proverb as much
as we can)
hehe..about pmr..grrr!!sooo scare..
but,in the same time,can't wait for that..
seriously,i'm not fully ready for that examination..
huh!! i'm getting lazy to do ma revision right now..
don't know how i can be like this???
just,i don't like to study early,
at least,a week from examination
,bru la aku study..
hehehe~time uh,mmg kelam kabut gler na study sume subjek..
tp tu larh yg aku suke..i like it!! hehe~
ma mother always babbling about me..
she always ask me to study..
n my answer will
'yela2..' tp,ta study gak.

aku na jd cm dyuwg,na success cm dyuwg..
i want to be happy like them that got straight As in pmr..
gud luck for our exam!! hahaha..

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