29 July 2010

dup dap!! dup dap!!

alhmdulillah,aq chat,,wakaka!!(ta de cpew tnye pon)
OMG!! u noe wht?the trial exm will be held soon..adeyh~
sriously,i'm not ready yet,well..i dont fnsh stdy all the sbject yet..
alarh,,cne nh??? tiera,u hve to do smthng..wke up lorh!!
stop dreaming of the day larh,,now u hve to fce trial exm n pmr exm soon..
woo!! bt,if i thnk back,feel like i so eager wnt to fnsh all the exm..
urm,aftr dat..no mre burden dat i will hve like now,,
feel likes wnt to 'pch ple' woo when i thnk about all dis..
well,i had know ma postion at exm hall nt..
urm,,i will sit at the back of shafiq n in frnt of dhiya..
tp,,ta bez arh..at blkg la plak tmpt dok aq..dua dri blkg arh..bosn jeq..
keyh ar,daA..

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