25 July 2010


yipppppppeeeeeeeee!! aq rce freedom sgt..
haha,,guess wht?i don't need to hypocrete anymore!!
why??coz i can tell all ma expression here wthout anyone noe about ma blog except mieza n wana..
hahaha,,now,,i can express all ma unsatisfy to anybody..
well,,skang nh,,aq ta ley na pkse dri aq tok mnyukai shafiq..
u noe wht shafiq,,if u read dis blog..
u must noe dat i can't accept u more than fwen shafiq..
urm,,ntah larh!! i had try to like n lurf u same as u lurf me..
but,i can't force maself to like u shafiq!!
i don't want to be a hypocrete but i had to..
i don't wnt u dssapointed wif me n if this happen, it will ttally effect ur study..
i noe u lurf me,bot i dunno how to tell u dat i don't lurf u at all except as a fwen..
sooooo suwie shafiq..
mybe,the good way is i move from dis school to anther school next year..
n mybe dis is the gud way to make u forget me..
i'm sooo suwie..aq twu kw da lme tggu aq,,
tp,,i can't lie myself dat i only like n lurf u as a fwen,.
shafiq,,aq mnx maaf sgt2..
n if i can turn back time,i will not apologize to u..
n now,all dis happen whtout ma expectation..u like me but instead i don't like u same as bfore..
i don't like n lurf u sme as we had cple bfore..
but,,unfrtnately,,i can't turn back ma time..soo sad rite?
but,,we can't do anything except redha jeq nan ape yg brlku..
last word,,suwie to u coz i had to lie n had to be hypocrete wif u..
plz don't get angry wif me,,i will feel sooo sad if u ignore n neglect me..
i only wnt u to accept me as a fwen same as me..

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